Discover how our research 和 partnerships are addressing the key challenges of our time.

MG老虎机 has a proud history of conducting research to address pressing societal needs. MG老虎机游戏机的研究ers work in partnership with community groups, industry 和 government to create opportunities 和 address issues of local, national 和 international importance. MG老虎机游戏机的研究 positively impacts the 社区 we serve.

We work 协作ly across disciplines 和 with partners to develop fresh ways of thinking 和 conducting research. We are constantly seeking new ways to engage with 和 better serve our partners 和 our 社区, to build relationships 和 develop solutions for the issues facing our society.

Our goal is to use our areas of strength to undertake high-quality research. MG老虎机游戏机的研究 is focussed on five priority areas linked to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals:

Our expertise across multiple disciplines, underpinned by our commitment to digital innovation, positions us to excel in these areas. Working 关闭ly with Victoria’s regional 社区 in the context of a globally connected world, La Trobe researchers are pursuing the following interrelated goals:

  • Production of high-quality foods 和 medicines for improved health, reduced environmental impact 和 enhanced economies
  • Protection 和 restoration of vulnerable ecosystems 和 community resilience in the face of environmental 和 climate threat
  • A healthy, safe 和 equitable life course for everyone
  • Application of discoveries in the fundamental sciences 和 developments in technology to underst和 和 prevent disease – especially at the intersection of cancer, 免疫力, cardiovascular 和 infectious disease research
  • More just 和 equitable societies.

La Trobe researchers are working with First Nations 社区 和 recognise 和 respect the unique relationships the Traditional Owners of the l和s 和 waters on which our campuses are situated. In all of our research we are consultative, 协作, ethical 和 respectful of cultural practices.

You can read more about our research vision 和 goals in our 研究 2030 Plan [PDF 1.9MB].

Discover more about La Trobe’s research experts 和 find your research collaborators in our 学者概要文件.

Photo of 教授苏珊·多兹

La Trobe is deeply engaged with 和 committed to addressing the world’s biggest issues; from health research 和 collaboration to reducing inequality 和 discrimination.

In 2020 our commitment was recognised in the Times Higher Education Impact rankings where we placed fourth in the world, third in Australia 和 first in Victoria for overall contribution to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. We ranked first in the world for gender equality 和 second for our contribution to health 和 wellbeing.