应对新冠肺炎, MG老虎机正在密切遵循州和联邦卫生当局的建议.

随着形势的发展,MG老虎机游戏机提供的课程,以及MG老虎机游戏机如何提供这些课程,可能需要适应. For example, how we deliver some courses might change from face-to-face to online for a while; academic start dates and subject availabilities might be adjusted for some courses to ensure that students can progress; and access to work-integrated learning opportunities such as clinical placements might be limited for a period of time. 然而,MG老虎机游戏机的目标是始终为学生提供优秀的学习体验和成果.


In the meantime, 第二学期将于2020年7月20日开始,请立即开始申请. 订一个咨询 or call us 如果有不清楚的地方,MG老虎机游戏机很乐意帮忙.